Banks Loan is your one-stop source for the best Home Loans, Personal Loans, and Credit Cards. A Delhi-based Fintech Company, Banks Loan offer world-class financial advisory services to customers ranging from small business to individuals seeking personal financial help. We are an online loan application and information portal that provides vital information on all accessible loans as well as calculating your CIBIL scores and EMI. We bring borrowers and lenders together to help them receive the best deal possible.

Co-founded in 2020 by highly experienced finance professionals, Mr. A. Ranjan, we are a non-profit loan comparison service provider dedicated to making "Your Dreams, Our Passion." With just one click away, we empower our customers and help to drive their financial inclusion. Your data is completely safe with us. To keep your information safe, we've implemented industry-leading security measures.

By integrating our acute understanding of the marketplace with the latest trends and developments in digital technology, we help you find the best financial products most suited to your needs. We have a dedicated and well-trained team of professionals who work tirelessly every day to assist you in making the best financial decisions possible.

Banks Loan provides free financial advice regarding Loans, Existing Loan Restructuring, EMI Paying, Insurance, Claim Settlement etc. Our services are 100% FREE for all our customers.

Our goal is to assist consumers in taking advantage of the finest rates and services available from all of the major banks. We provide unparalleled investment solutions to address your needs.


To provide financial assistance to growing number of customer’s at the most affordable interest rates and simplified procedures possible, while providing growth to all our stakeholders. We believe in empowering our clients by providing wide range of financial products backed by excellent customer service. Customise and shop for your loans with us!


To improve the financial health of our clients and to become a "Reliable and Innovative" Financial Service Provider. Our vision is to enable our clients to get funding quickly and easily. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer looking for a mortgage or a small business owner looking for funding, we've got you covered.

Core Values

1. Reliability: When you need industry leading advice on the most suitable finance option, Banks Loan is there. You can rely on us to support you through every step towards accessing the funds required to achieve your goals.
2. Client Centric: At Banks Loan, the client comes first. Our main goal is to deliver unique and customised solutions for each client.
3. Integrity and honesty: We always choose the high road by adhering to the highest ethical standards and keeping our promises. We are committed to the practise of being open and honest with one another.
4. Accountability: Our firm is recognized for its open and honest communication. We make every effort to keep our clients up to date and informed.
5. Employee Value: We treat our co-workers with the same respect that we do our clients. We are devoted to offering professional and personal growth opportunities for our employees.

We Belive

In always being a customer centric organization, distinguishing that there are market alternatives and differentiation that takes place through product and service delivery.

In meritocracy where our staffs are a precious resources. Employees are to be pleased based on involvement to the organization’s health as well as well being as measured economically, socially, ethnically and from a society based perspective.

It is very important to continually struggle towards being a necessary participant in the community banking field.

Durability results from nurturing long term banking relations rather than doing financial transactions.

In community investment along with support through its base, volunteer activities as well as financial activities are all an essential part of the centre of the endeavour.

In order to bring on each of our creed in the belief reports we must promote cautious, rational, gainful, controlled strategic enlargement and financial discipline.


Our goal is to be a top performing Fintech eminent by its customer-centric ethnicity, mind-set of nonstop improvement and outstanding capabilities.

Our credo brings to life our internal values. There ethics drive our performance as well as help us carry out our best each day, delivering additional for all stakeholders and serving customers with a broad sort of products and services.

Our credo

We do our best day by day so we can perform more for our:


We strive to always:

  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Do the right thing
  • Think long-term
  • Work together


We make sure that we are serving clients well remains key to conveying long-term franchise worth. We strive to expand stronger and higher-value client relationships through a passionate focus on delivering a distinguish experience across all of our sharing platforms, counting our branches, online, phone and mobile App platforms. To provide financial assistance to growing number of customer’s at the most affordable interest rates and simplified procedures possible, while providing growth to all our stakeholders. We believe in empowering our clients by providing wide range of financial products backed by excellent customer service. Customise and shop for your loans with us!


At citizens, we endeavor to make a diverse and inclusive organization placed to support the enlargement of our colleagues as well as our communities. We are self-righteous of our planned partnerships with numerous diversity focused organizations.


Community involvement is one of our principle values. We struggle to contribute to an improved quality of life by helping the communities from corner to corner our footprint through worker volunteer efforts, a base that funds a variety of non-profit organizations, plus executives who give leadership to community organizations. These hard works contribute to an ethnicity that promotes optimistic employee morale and gives differentiated brand responsiveness in the community, whilst making a optimistic dissimilarity within the communities we provide We believe our strong commitment to our communities’ providers a competitive advantage by strengthening customer relationships and increasing loyalty.


To provide our shareholders and keep their support, we are dedicated to the transparent and clear communication of our strategy, performance, and governance.
Further, we will look for to improve long-term returns by:

  • Striving to bring attractive risk attuned returns by making excellent capital as well as resource allocation choice, being superior stewards of our resources plus rigorously estimating our execution.
  • Operating with a well-built balance sheet with stares to funding, capital, and liquidity, and with a sharp and careful risk appetite.
  • Maintaining an impartial business mix amid Loans and Insurance.

Banks Loan Advantages

Banks Loan is the best provider of financing solutions across Location. Banks Loan provides Various Loans schemes to meet your demands, Like Personal Loan, Business Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property, Auto Loan including Loans for construction, purchase, repairs, renovation, extension, plot purchase, Existing Loan Transfer at one-stop. We simply want to encourage our customers to compare products/service. We at Banks Loan are committed to providing services that satisfy our customers, and we will continue to do so. BANKS LOAN does not charge anything from the customer.

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